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       The galleries have all my work in pages. Some are marked NFS (Not for sale) I will not paint them again.  Any other if it is one you would like to have I can paint it again. I will do a picture you have in mind on my slate or canvas or something you have and you want something painted on it. I just need to have a clear idea or picture of what you would like to have. My prices are reasonable I'm sure you will see as you look through my art.

     Thank you for visiting Everything's Art. Comments are welcome and please sign up for the email list. Show me the ones you like, click on some heart's,it helps me in direction as to what I paint.

     I love our small community on the Mason Dixon line. Special thanks to the ones who help me find things to paint at the Farmers Market. It is truely appriciated!


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If you are interested in a custom painting, lets discuss it and see what we can do.

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