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In The Wild {Lots of animals} $50.00

 About me:

           I live in a small town in northeast Maryland, the area that was originally known as Cambria Maryland in Harford County. The town became known as Cardiff Maryland. The Welsh migrated from Wales in the later 1700's and that put Cardiff on the map, well known for the slate. 

           The town borders on the Mason Dixon line. I grew up here, still live here. My Family came from Grayson County Virginia, Marion Virginia, West Virginia and York County Pennsylvania. I have loved the country and nature ever since I can remember. I love History and old things, and the simple things in life. (Life is too complicated anymore) I love arts, crafts, woodworking and music. I like making things with my hands. I remember watching my Grandfather Harrington making things in his shed. Woodworking with a few basic tools, with a vision to make something. He made old time wagons and sold them at the stores in town. I still have mine he made for me. I remember how he enjoyed making things. I saw pride there, in making, creating something. I believe my creativity began then.

            Growing up I learned to play music, I liked to draw, and I liked to make things. There just was not enough time with life and working. I got older and was given my family History, I wanted to know where I came from. A quest began, I wanted to go there. I have been there a few times now. I added new information to our family tree. I have been to where the Harrington's settled, and our family Cemetery where my 4th Great Grandfather from England is buried. I have met and talk to my family living there now. They live in the house my 3rd Great Uncle built in the later 1800’s. 

           I am in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I had the privilege to dedicate each of the 4 of my ancestor's graves with the Southern Cross of Honor, with my family of Grayson County present. I am extremely proud of my family heritage. I love the Civil War History as our family was part of it. I have re-enacted as a soldier and ran a cannon brigade, I have done Living History presentations, I speak of how my family would have come as farmers into the war. I also spoke about the camps, disease, food and rations.

      Things have changed as I am older now. I have time now and I am painting again. It has been a journey through life for sure. I count this as a new beginning for this old me. Getting older is certainly an experience of its own. I met Jeanne in September 2018, she brought my life a whole new meaning. Inspiring me, supporting me. There is nothing that can describe what she has done for me, in mind and in spirit. She has done so much to inspire me to paint again. She just makes the Ideas and Art pour out.

    We have been doing local craft shows. I wanted to put my art and things out there to everyone who would like to see it. If I opened an Art gallery it would be like my house. My Arts & Antiques, filled with art and History inside of History, (the house) I enjoy Art and History, encampments and Living History portrayed and told. I enjoy my Harley and going to the rallies. I love to write, draw, paint, woodworking, play guitar, I even sew. I have pride just making things with my hands and mind. I love Grayson County Virginia, Virginia, West Virginia and Cardiff Maryland. This is the short version about me, lol, so on that note I will say,

  WELCOME, explore my pages, pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere!

   I enjoy being able to share my art and history with you, comments are welcome.

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